Attorney Jonathan A. Olson

Helping you and your family when you need it most
"Yes, you really CAN be sued for that." 
Will you win?  It depends...

Be prepared.  Know your rights and your options.  Call me at (888) 897-5766.

When Legal things happen to good people...

It doesn't take much to need a lawyer these days.

It could be an accident.  Illness.  Unemployment.  A decision that didn't work out, either business or personal.  Unfulfilled promises, whether  made with good intentions or bad. 

Or sometimes it's an opportunity, and you want to protect your loved ones, your income and your assets by having good advice and the right legal documents.

You need someone on your side!

You need information.  You need to know your rights and your options.  And sometimes you need someone to stand beside you, to guide you, and to fight for you. 

I've been there. 
That's why I'm here for you.


Call  (920) 569-2629
Toll-Free (888) 897-5766


I represent people in the following areas:
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